Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"I had to move fast /To get my baby back from the trouble boys"

Dave Edmunds, "Trouble Boys"

I'm about 100 pages in to Trouble Boys, a biography of The Replacements.  It's dense, to say the least, but very well written so far.

It's no secret that founding guitarist Bob Stinson, who would die of heart failure at 35, dealt with an ungodly amount of childhood trauma.  But it's tough to go through it all, page-by-page.

The book actually begins at Bob's funeral in a poignant bit of framing.

And the title comes from this song by Dave Edmunds.  Apparently, as Paul and Bob and Tommy (11 years old!) and Chris started jamming on covers as Dogbreath, this was the first tune where they all felt they'd clicked as a unit.  I'm pretty obsessive in my Replacements worship and even I didn't know that.

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