Monday, March 6, 2017

Dear Obama: Please Engage "No More Fucks To Give" Mode

Obama's greatest flaw as a president was having too much faith in the small-d democratic institutions and commonsense understandings of how Washington works.  It took him far too long to wake up for the fact that Republicans were never going to meet him with good faith on any issue, even if it was good for Americans.

So I can only hope in the bottom of my wretched little heart that Barry will now feel no compulsion not to go after Trump.

I have no doubt Obama takes the role of ex-president as seriously as anyone else possibly could.

But really, you're not going to fall for these chicken-shit Republican games again, are you?  You've done more than your fair share of bringing dignity and class to the office.  It's no longer on you to always take the high road, especially after you threw the guy a fucking life raft when you didn't have to.

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