Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Buddha In Your Belly

Is Korean Temple Food, in all of its simple, vegetarian, locally sourced glory, going to be the next "wave" of Hallyu?  Maybe!  Here's an interview with a monk who teaches how to make the stuff:

Q:  "What do people, who are not monks, say is the most delicious dish?"

A:  "We say that we do things a certain way to make it tastier or even prettier. But frankly speaking, that’s contradicting Buddha’s teachings. The teachings say never to be greedy for anything, but looking for a good taste is desiring food.

So, talking about whether a particular food is tasty doesn’t make sense. However, that doesn’t mean that food doesn’t need to be made in a delicious way, as food should be something ordinary to help monks meditate and study. If a monk is distracted after having some bad food, that’s an inadequate way to cook food."

So, in a fascinating paradox, a truly Buddhist food experience can't, by definition, serve anything "delicious" that would flame the desires of taste.

That's punk as fuck, if you ask me.

Avengers: Endgame Thoughts With Spoilers!

I think it's an excellent film, and probably the best installment of the MCU to date.  Some thoughts:

1)  Fat Drunk Thor.

2)  Ms. Marvel is hardly in it.  (There's even a very forced moment where she literally says "I'll be away for a while.")  And that's fine but she does nothing essential but for showing up at the end with literally hundreds of other heroes who could probably manage to do what she does.  And I liked Captain Marvel but is there any reason she's been created other than the boot up for the Kamala Khan version?

3)  Tony gets the hero's ending he deserves but wow, Captain America's wrap-up is truly superb, even calling into question whether the whole "Life of a Superhero" is worth it.  Tony is no doubt the center of the Avengers and he will be missed, but damn if Steve Rogers doesn't manage to remind us why it's nice to believe there are good guys and gals out there willing to fight for us.

4)  It didn't feel like it was three hours long, which is a Very Good Thing.

5)  I don't think anyone will be completely satisfied with choices as to who gets serious screen time.  I like Nebula in all her B-list glory, but here she's essential to the plot in ways that might disappoint those wondering why Spiderman, or Black Panther, or Doctor Strange, or Peter Quill don't get more love from the camera.

6)  Jeremy Renner is serviceable, at best, as always.  (Yes, I am officially a Hawkeye Hater.)  I think it's a minor slip to show him willing to commit suicide for being such a bad, terrible man.  But, as a bad, terrible man he's killing Mexican drug dealers and Japanese mobsters.  I didn't buy it.

7)  It's impossible not to speculate as to the next generation of Avengers.  Tony's daughter?  Check.  Hawkeye's daughter?  Most definitely.  After that, it gets a bit iffy.  Maybe the final Guardians of the Galaxy will bring someone to the table?

8)  Speaking of which, the lack of a credits sequence seemed fitting but -- the show is over for the heart and soul of the team.  But that was definitely the sound of a hammer hitting an anvil a few times at the end, no?

9)  A (Fat Drunk) Thor and Rocket buddy film?  Make it happen!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Gratuitous Korean Hip-Hop Track Just Because

Garion ft. Nuck, "영순위"

Being fairly productive in my grading and believe me, that's just as shocking to me as it may be to you.

Also, I've always liked to think of myself as Samwell Tarly in the streets, and Arya Stark in the sheets.

Just Thinking Out Loud

Delightin' and Instructin'

It's the eighth week of the semester already (!), which means mid-terms.  So I don't have college classes this week, but I just finished looking over a huge stack of projects.  (Specifically, one page introduction letters from each student.)

Tomorrow I can pick up their tests and begin digging into those.

I've always hated grading but at least I'm at the point where I know I just have to sit down with the tests / papers / projects and start going through them as quickly as possible.

And oh hey, I'll reward myself if I can finish all the grading this week with Avengers on Thursday (opening early here in Korea) and maybe another ballgame that evening.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Free Solo

Free Solo trailer

I finally saw Free Solo this past weekend and absolutely loved it.  It has to be one of the three greatest documentaries I've ever seen.

So much so that for today's adult advanced class we watched the trailer, an interview, and read an article about Honnold's achievement.

If the film only focused on the preparation and climb itself it would be impressive enough.  But the fact is that the real film happens when Alex's friends and girlfriend confess to how fucking worried they are about him.


Friday, April 19, 2019

The Best Time of Year

I made it to my first Samsung ballgame of the new season last Saturday.  Alas, we lost to the dastardly kt Whiz of Suwon on a grand slam.  Still, the weather was perfect and this is one of the best things about Daegu in spring and summer.

I'm more of a beer-drinking contest guy myself, but Kiss Time is also fun.