Friday, March 3, 2017

"misrule and disaster"

I probably don't link to enough pieces by Charles Pierce because they're all worth reading.   But this one on why regretful Trump supporters deserve less than zero sympathy from adults who knew putting a pussy-grabbing fascist in charge would cause some problems is better than usual:
"Holy mother of god, I'm tired of reading quotes from people who live in places where the local economy went to hell or Mexico in 1979, and who have spent the intervening years swallowing whatever Jesus Juice was offered up by theocratic bunco artists of the Christocentric Right, and gulping down great flagons of barely disguised hatemongering against the targets of the day, all the while voting against their own best interests, now claiming that empowering Donald Trump as the man who will 'shake things up' on their behalf was the only choice they had left. You had plenty of choices left.
In Kansas, you could have declined to re-elect Sam Brownback, who'd already turned your state into a dismal Randian basket case. In Wisconsin, you had three chances to turn out Scott Walker, and several chances to get the state legislature out of his clammy hands. And, now that the teeth of this new administration are becoming plain to see, it's a good time to remind all of you that you didn't have to hand the entire federal government over to Republican vandalism, and the presidency over to an abject loon on whom Russia may well hold the paper.
You all had the same choices we all had. You saddled the rest of us with misrule and disaster. Own it. I empathize, but I will not sympathize."
These voters -- the so-called white "working class" (working class always and only means white people in American political parlance) -- are lost.  The way forward for Democrats is to energize its own bases, not pander to people who thought blowing up the universe would be good for a few LOLs.

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