Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Bats Shall Be Flipped

Deadspin has put together a nice little guide to the glory that is the Korean Baseball Organization (Korean MLB).  Here's the skinny on Daegu's local team, the Samsung Lions:
"One of the league’s official franchises, the Samsung Lions, are based in the city of Daegu in Gyeongsang Province, in the country’s southeast, where it is hotter and more humid than other regions, earning the nickname “Daefrica” (Daegu + Africa). They primarily play at Daegu Samsung Lions Park, which opened in 2016 and can hold about 29,000. Once in awhile, they play at Pohang Baseball Stadium (capacity: 12,000), located an hour away from Daegu."
Sadly, the franchise has definitely fallen on hard times.  After winning four consecutive championships (2011-2014) and moving into a new stadium, they've kind of fallen apart as of late.

Read the whole article though for some interesting background on the nine other teams that currently constitute the KBO.

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