Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"Hootenanny In E"

The Replacements, "Buck Hill"

Things I've learned about The Replacements from the first half of Trouble Boys, an excellent and authoritative work on the band:

1)  Buck Hill is not, in fact, a person, but a ski slope in Minnesota.  I find that strangely disappointing.

2)  The band's relationship to Bob Mould and Husker Du was complicated, but not hostile.  As The Replacements started to take off, Husker Du had to start their own record label and pretty much invent the concept of D.I.Y.  Also, in early 80's Minneapolis you were either a Mats fan or a Husker fan, but never both.

3)  Paul started recording solo stuff very early on but literally had to hide it from his band mates.  Bob in particular would be quick to point out if one of Paul's songs wasn't punk or fast enough.

4)  R.E.M.'s relationship with the band was a lot more than just Peter Buck playing guitar on "I Will Dare."

5)  Bob and Tommy were half-brothers, and didn't actually have a relationship until Tommy was in middle school.  Bob forced Tommy to learn bass guitar, Tommy didn't want to learn it, but Bob forced him and physically pushed the thing on him when he didn't want to practice.  Fortunately, of all the members of the band, Tommy was probably the most naturally gifted when it came to music.

This is the second-most Replacements thing ever.

6)  While early tune "Shutup" was specifically written to piss off any audience at a moment's notice, they actually had an entire set of country covers (Glen Campbell especially) to break out if they felt an audience deserved to be fucked with.

This is the most Replacements thing ever.

Seriously, if you have any interest in American rock music check this book out.  After you thank me, get Bob Mould's biography which is also excellent.

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