Thursday, June 1, 2017

Daegu World Cup Stadium

A few weeks back I made it to my first Daegu F.C. game way out at Daegu World Cup Stadium (officially it's called Blue Arc, but nobody calls it that).  Daegu F.C. are finally back in the top tier of the K-League but frankly they aren't all that great.  Still, it was a nice way to spend a spring afternoon as they took on relative powerhouse Jeonbuk F.C.

Daegu put up a good fight for the first half but eventually lost 2-0.

Food options were actually very disappointing.  Unlike, say, a baseball game at nearby Samsung Lions Park, there were exactly zero fried chicken stalls to be found.  As seen above, the squid grilling stations were in full effect.  I made do with cold beer and some potato chips.  First World problems indeed.

It was a beautiful afternoon, despite the loss.  The crowd was pretty sparse, as I expected it would be.  While the Samsung Lions are actually having a terrible year, they're still a much bigger draw than the soccer club.

Also, pro-tip -- the stadium, like the ballpark, is located way outside of Daegu proper.  I took a taxi out because I'm lazy, but after the game discovered there are literally no cabs to be found to get back into town.  (This is never an issue at the much more popular baseball games.)  So if you're going to take a taxi back home, be prepared to call one.  You will not find one casually waiting on a corner.

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