Thursday, June 22, 2017

Yankee Go Home

Apparently there's going to be an anti-US protest in Seoul tomorrow.  Korea ex-pat Twitter went into convulsions over it.

Some scattered thoughts:

1)  According to Korea ex-pat Twitter, this is Moon Jae-in’s fault.  Unless he personally organized this, it’s not.  (Hint: he didn’t.)

2)  War with North Korea is now more likely than it has been since, well, 1953.  A Trump-led US will have no qualms about launching unilateral action against NK (i.e., not telling Seoul in advance) and (at best) tens of thousands of Seoul-ites will die.  If NK has a nuke, we all die.  So at the very least I think SK citizens have a right to protest the fact that the US is now led by a pussy-grabbing madman.

3) “But, but, Trump doesn’t represent all Americans!”  As of January 2017, yes he does.  Sorry, but speaking as a USian myself none of us gets to play the “not all Americans!” card any longer.  (Even if you voted for Jill Stein!)

4)  If you were inspired by the anti-PGH protests that led to her impeachment like I was, you can’t selectively get pissed off by anti-US protests.  It’s called democracy, stupid.

5)  THAAD is more about spying on China via radar than it is protecting South Korea from North Korea.  That was the plan all along.

6) Trump is one more scandal away from deciding to bomb either North Korea or Iran.  As far as the “strategic partnership” between SK and the US goes, it’s a bit of a shit sandwich for the country where people will actually die.  People have every right to protest shit sandwiches.


  1. ugh omg expat-in-Korea Twitter, can you, like, not???? kthnxbai

    The more I'm abroad, the more I'm surprised by just how thin-skinned many US expats and emigrants are. Other national groups seem, on average, much better at taking that kind of criticism or even just expressed unhappiness in stride.

    "What's the deal with Americans abroad?" /Seinfeld voice