Saturday, June 17, 2017

Samsung Fighting!

I made it to the ballpark, the new one, a few weeks back with some friends and adult students.  The Mighty Samsung Lions of Daegu (Korean pro teams go by the corporate sponsor's name) are having a hugely terrible season after four consecutive championships between 2011 and 2014.

The weather was perfect and given how bad the team is playing I was surprised at how crowded the game was.

Samsung actually won, beating the KIA Tigers 6-5 on a 10th inning walk-off single.

But a few things I noticed since last year -- the stadium really needs to increase the number of food and drink vendors.  A friend went to get food for all of us and was away for almost four innings.  Who knows what shenanigans are going on but one of the great things about the old ballpark downtown was the rows of ajumma selling friend chicken and cold beer outside of the stadium.

Also, take the subway.  The parking situation at the stadium for a weekend game is an absolute nightmare.  If you drive, your choice after the game will be to wait 45 minutes for a shuttle bus to the parking lot or walk 45 minutes over to the parking lot.  It's pretty ridiculous they didn't do basic planning to sort this stuff out, considering they intentionally build the stadium in the middle of nowhere to not have these sorts of issues in the first place.  Because Korea.

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