Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I Can Haz Spending, Please?

I'm happy to say my Orioles are one of the most exciting teams to watch in baseball, what with so many come-from-behind, clutch wins.  Buck Showalter manages to squeeze as many runs out of a solidly average rotation and bullpen as possible, and the offense continues to bring in young guys who can really hit.

So maybe now is the time to start thinking about investing in another A-level starter or two?  Pretty please?

Then again, and as is often the case, the AL East is meat grinder this year.  The Yankees and O's are both over-performing, the former like crazy.  And Boston is just really, really good.  The Jays and Rays aren't slouches either, and could both likely finish about .500.

Still, that's no excuse not to try and make a pretty good team into an excellent one.  The pieces are there, and while lucky finishes are more than welcome, so would be some solid seven-inning starts.

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