Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Emperor(s) Of Ice Cream

The ongoing ice cream wars in New York City fascinate me to no end:
"Mister Softee and New York Ice Cream Company — the city’s bitterest enemies, at least if you limit it to vendors cruising the streets with 'watch for children' signs — are starting off the summer of 2017 right where 2016’s left off. The two soft-serve foes have been pulling bats and other shenanigans on each other ever since disgruntled Mister Softee franchisee Dimitrios Tsirkos broke off and started NYICC in 2013, but the Post reports that Mister Softee is pursuing a new strategy this year that stresses brains, not brawn: It’s hired a detective agency to spy on NYICC drivers, who are notorious for doing everything from decaling their trucks with 'Master Softee' logos and playing their rival’s trademarked jingle, to telling Mister Softee employees 'there will be problems' if they venture onto their alleged turf.'"
Late capitalism never fails to astonish.

And at least New Yorkers have their priorities straight.

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