Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Delight And Instruct

This semester is almost over, and it's been grueling.  I'm teaching a department I've historically had major problems with -- attendance, behavior, attitude, and department heads who are perfectly fine with English class being "play time" for their students -- and I've also had a ton of make-up classes lately.  (There are, frankly, way too many spring holidays here in Korea.  Move some of those to winter, bruh.)

Yesterday I walked into an empty classroom and assumed I must have missed the memo about a class field trip or something.

But nope.  They just, to a person, decided to skip.  Roughly half of this class is already getting an F for attendance policy issues.

Can't wait for the angry and / or tear-filled phone calls I 'll get in a few weeks when the final grades go into the university computer system.  No, seriously, I can't wait -- my Korean is good enough to let them know they're idiots for failing what will be the easiest course they've ever taken.

I give F's for attendance issues only, natch, because if you couldn't tell already I am composed completely out of sweetness and light.

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