Monday, July 2, 2018

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In my office a little bleary-eyed on a Tuesday afternoon, after two weeks of staying up late to watch World Cup games.  I actually made the adult decision not to stay up until five last night to watch Belgium-Japan, and I guess I missed out on a thrilling match.

I thought Mexico would do more against Brazil.  It seems like the Selecao are determined by whether or not their midfield shows up to play defense.  And Neymar is such a big baby it hurts.

I still think Belgium looks good moving forward but I'm going to put it all on France.

But honestly, it's all coming down to whether the "good" of "bad" version of a given team shows up to play.  (Did Japan just decide they should start playing like a Round of 16 team last night?  Is it that easy to turn it all around?)

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