Wednesday, July 11, 2018


It's no secret that South Korea has a sexism problem, but the #MeToo movement has made inroads in the country.  One of the current battles?  Fighting men who put hidden cameras in public toilets:
"South Korea’s ubiquitous smartphones and miniature spycams aside, offenders can turn to an array of seemingly everyday items – including pens, watches and shoes – equipped with spycams. The filming is not confined to public toilets: websites carrying spycam footage show women being filmed without their knowledge having sex, relaxing at home and walking along the street.
Han, whose name has been changed at her request, said she 'froze in terror' when she realised she had been secretly filmed.
She confronted the suspect, who admitted he had installed the device but denied watching any of the footage as the camera had only been switched on the previous day. A sceptical Han persevered, and uncovered hundreds of video clips and photographs he had kept of her and other women."
At the end of the day the reason the entire world needs feminism is because far too many men think they own women's bodies -- that they have the right to police, control, and monitor them at all times.

But seriously, fuck these guys.

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