Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Uncharted Territory

I'm willing to bet the strangest part of the multi-month dumpster fire that has been Trump won't be the ongoing convention which has, indeed, been something to marvel at for all the wrong reasons.  No, I'm guessing the real Twilight Zone moments will come in about October, with Hillary owning a healthy 8-10 point national lead in polling, and a deep blue Electoral College outlook.

Because that's when Donald Trump, a man who could never possibly allow himself to be beaten by a mere woman, announces that he has received credible threats of a HRC / CIA / Obama assassination plot against himself and his family, and he'll be throwing the nomination back to the Republican Party at a point when it's far too late for them to launch any credible resistance against eight more years of Democratic White House, and probably Senate, and maybe House rule.

I don't normally offer financial advice but it you think popcorn futures were going up last week, just wait until this fall.

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