Wednesday, July 20, 2016

True Fact

I approve of everything in this piece as to how "You Can Say It: Summer Is Garbage."  Here's a bit on sleeping:

"Either you are cooking slowly in a bain marie of your own sweat or you are woken at 3 AM by some inexplicable sunrise or else every single animal in the world has decided to go loudly insane in the heat and as such are growling and chirping outside your bedroom where you, sticky with your own grotesque perspiration, toss and turn on top of a comforter and underneath a sheet because down means up and up means down here in summer, the worst season of the year by far."
Leave my bedroom AC on when I got to sleep and risk waking up with pneumonia?  Pretty bad, but the only alternative to waking up in a pool of my own dank sweat.

Oh Daegu summer, I do not like you one bit.

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