Friday, May 18, 2018

Love It

A racist asshole threatened to get some women fired and / or deported simply for speaking Spanish (in New York fucking City of all places).  Hilarity ensued:
"There is a street party happening in New York this evening. There will be taco trucks, Jarritos margaritas and a mariachi band – but this is not a Cinco de Mayo parade that got the date wrong. This party’s only theme will be retribution.
Festivities are taking place outside the Manhattan apartment of Aaron Schlossberg, the lawyer who was filmed being irate and abusive towards Hispanic restaurant workers this week. Schlossberg threatened to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) on the workers, saying he believed they were illegal immigrants because they were speaking Spanish to some customers."
Beautiful.  Also, America is the only country I know of where speaking more than one language is considered a defect.

Also, good Mexican is really hard to find in South Korea.  There's one place in Seoul and that's about it.

Use lard or GTFO.

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