Tuesday, May 1, 2018

"I skipped a rock and it fell to the bottom"

Beach House, "Black Car"

When I came to South Korea one thing I hated was that if a national holiday fell on a Saturday or Sunday, it wasn't moved to the adjacent Friday or Monday.  (Hence the yearly ritual of looking at the calendar for a new year and deciding whether it was "good" or "bad" for vacation days.)

This is changing though.  Saturday is Children's Day, and it got moved to Monday of next week.  And Tuesday next week is my college's Founder's Day, a two-day holiday.

So heeyah for unexpected five-day weekends but, because Korea, I would have actually planned a trip somewhere nice if I'd known before a few days ago that the schedule was getting scrambled up.

As it stands, I'll probably go to another Samsung Lions ball game, eat a lot of Indian food downtown, and get started on book two of Cixin Liu's Three Body Problem trilogy.

Meanwhile, here's some new Beach House.  It's predictably sublime.

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