Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Any spring semester in South Korea where the great and holy Dude In Charge Of Turning On The Campus-Wide Air-Conditioning gets in done in mid-May rather than mid-June is a good one.

And yes, I'm complaining about Korea again.  But you should know I live in the hottest city in the country.  "Dae-pu-ri-ka" or "대프리카" is a portmanteau of "Daegu" and "Africa," as in, Daegu is as hot as Africa in the summer.

And while it hasn't hit 90 yet (give it a week), the terrible humidity is already creeping in.  Everything from clothing to bed-sheets is just slightly damp all the time, and older Korean buildings aren't that great when it comes to proper air ventilation.

Living the dream, as always.

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