Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Never Start A Trade War In Asia

It's clear that no amount of pussy-grabbing, vulgarity, racism, or spite will ever alienate Trump from his supporters.  (In fact, those are the reasons they like him.)

But a self-inflicted, outright trade war with China?

The reason I think this holds some water beyond all the White Racial Resentment stuff is two fold.  First, Americans have grown used to a Walmart lifestyle dependent on cheap shit from China and the rest of Asia.  Given a few weeks, that could be over.

Second, China is (obviously) a lot smarter than Trump.  They're going after agricultural goods from Red States like soybeans and hogs.

Again, this doesn't mean Trump is finished by a long shot.  But it means he has to explain the benefits of a trade war that not even his advisers wanted.

If that's what it takes to get him out of office come 2020, so be it.

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