Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I'm In Love With A Busan Air Flight Attendant

Sometimes you just have to quote the whole fucking article:
"A flight attendant of Air Busan, a low-cost carrier, apologized Tuesday for disrespectful comments and photos posted by one of its flight attendants on Instagram.
The flight attendant, on a Busan-Jeju flight on Saturday, took photos of the passengers from behind and posted them with comments such as 'looking all the same' and 'broccoli farm.' 
It was an obvious reference to the hairstyle of the middle-aged married women or 'ajumma' in the photo. 
One of her colleagues commented, 'The plane heading to China.' 
After the post went viral, the attendant, 'I sincerely apologize to the people who may have felt hurt.'
The supervisor of the Air Busan flight promised no repeat of such inappropriate behavior by its employees.'"
What's funnier than funny?  There is no native Korean language word for broccoli -- it's a loan word (bu-ro-ko-ri).

Please marry me, obstreperous Busan Air flight attendant.

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