Wednesday, March 14, 2018


While the semester has gotten off to a mostly smooth start, a minor prayer of mine was answered when an honest-to-jeebus Japanese style ramen restaurant opened up near my office.  I tried it last weekend and it came pretty close -- close enough -- to the real thing.  (The place downtown is better but also more expensive.  So be it.)

Thing is, I guess I'm not the only one jonesing for ramen.  The place has been packed, with a line out the door, ever since it opened.  And believe me, this is about as sleepy of a Daegu suburb as can be.  But it's also a college neighborhood, and 4,000 won ramen (not much more than three bucks) is hard to turn down.

It's even got the Japanese-style ticket vending machine by the door, which I find cool and off-putting at the same time.  Human contact is for losers.

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