Thursday, March 1, 2018

Peak English?

With China's rise as a superpower and America's obvious decline under Trumpolini, is the preeminence of English as the global language of choice doomed?  Glad you asked!:
"It is hard to credit the vulnerability of a language such as English – which has spread, unbidden and unplanned, far beyond its homeland, and is even claimed to be the “language of freedom”. But this in itself is nothing new. Transnational lingua francas, once established, always give off an aura of permanence. Yet when circumstances change, they fall. And the change is clearly coming.
And so the natural expectation will be that after the new powers, such as China, India or Brazil, establish themselves economically, politically (and probably militarily), their linguistic and cultural influence too will come to be felt, among those who want to do business with them, and then with one another. But as with all newly dominant languages, there will be a lag."
All well and good, but there are some definite hurdles for Chinese to become a global language.  For starters, not having an alphabet presents real problems, even for native Chinese speakers.

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