Sunday, June 10, 2018


Anthony Braxton and the Fred Simmons Trio, 9 Standards (Quartet) 1993

It's make-up week, so we're reviewing for next week's final exam.  It's a pretty easy week for me, since we're just going over old material, doing a very brief reflection activity, then I'll bribe my students to raise their hands on a few worksheets with choco-pies (make that banana-choco-pies because that's how I roll).

Next week my college classes will be finished but I'll have to grade tests, which is no fun.  But it does mean the beginning of summer vacation, and buying a ticket to visit home in August.

Meanwhile I guess Trump declared war on Canada or some such.  Really bodes well for him dealing with perhaps the knottiest foreign policy situation in the world today re: North Korea.

Because he is a great big whiny asshole, obviously.

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