Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Nerd Alert

As a dutiful nerd, I will happily fork over some dosh to see Alien: Covenant.  But already, I'm sensing the same problem Prometheus had (well, one of the problems at least) -- there are simply too many characters to care about.  Sure, they're going to colonize a new planet, but you'd literally need thousands of people to do that.

So why not deep-freeze everybody except a good core of six or seven characters?

Cf. also Rogue One.  Characters are, like, these really important things in any story, not just people taking up space on a screen.

To put it another way, I don't remember all their names, but I can tell you one cool trait or quirk for every miner in Alien, or every marine in Aliens.  I'm guessing the crew of The Covenant will be far more disposable in every sense of the word.

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