Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rise Above, Indeed

Leave it to Henry Rollins to restore just a smidgen of my faith in America after the ascent of Trumpolini:
"You know how Trump said all manner of jobs will be coming back to the States because he’s going to ease taxes on all those corporations, which will beat the fastest path back because they really want all those good citizens of the Republic to have those jobs? Did you believe him? What would any of these behemoths want with American workers when they can pay other humans a fraction of what an American needs to get by? They have stockholders to satisfy and the demands of to supply. Your love of convenience and low prices sent the jobs away. If you paid an American to make your cellphone, only rich people like Trump and Fox News personalities would have them.
Besides, the corporations don’t want you. You’re too fucking whiny and self-involved with your butthurt.
Start the laugh track for this part and turn it up. When President Trump deports millions of undocumented people, get ready for a lot of job openings that Americans are on record as not wanting to do. If America loses its casual slave-labor force, it will seize up like a race car with no motor oil. Packages of almonds and countless other agricultural goods will all be adorned with 'picked by crackers' stickers as, no doubt, this will be one of the many blessings of capitalism unleashed." 
Thanks, Hank.  I needed that.  I wouldn't normally wish pain on my fellow citizens, Trump supporters or Jill Stein supporters or Bernie Bros but hey, they were chomping at the bit for it.  Let them have it, good and hard.

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