Saturday, October 29, 2016

Is This The End?

So, there's a major scandal going on in lovely South Korea involving President Park Geun-hye and a supposed "Svengali" figure who has fled to Germany.  It's all very complicated and weird:
"Park has been facing calls to reshuffle her office after she admitted on Tuesday that she provided longtime friend Choi Soon-sil drafts of her speeches for editing. Her televised apology sparked huge criticism about her mismanagement of national information and heavy-handed leadership style many see as lacking in transparency.
There’s also media speculation that Choi, who holds no government job, meddled in government decisions on personnel and policy and exploited her ties with the president to misappropriate funds from nonprofit organisations.
The saga, triggered by weeks of media reports, has sent Park’s approval ratings to record lows and the minority opposition Justice party has called for her to resign."
She's four years into a five year term (South Korean presidents are limited to a single term) so she was already a bit of a lame duck.

One Korean newspaper has her pegged at an incredible 14% approval rating.

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