Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Cutting Corners

Another year, another easily preventable public safety disaster in South Korea:
"Jecheon police said sprinklers in the first floor lobby, near the origin of the blaze, had been shut down, accelerating the spread of the fire. 
A fire exit on the second floor of the building, where most of the dead bodies were found, was blocked by iron shelves used to store supplies.
Eight people including Lee were legally in charge of evacuating people inside the nine-story establishment, but only a few -- excluding Lee -- carried out their duties, according to police. All eight managers safely escaped the engulfing fire, while Lee is known to have sustained minor injuries."
29 people, mostly women at a sports complex / sauna, died.

I'm about to re-sign a contract for 2018 at my college.  The thought of going back to Trumpistan still fills me with dred, but these sorts of stories happen way too often in South Korea.

Then again, I won't be shot to death.  Probably just die in a nuclear blast is all.

Good times.

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