Friday, December 16, 2016

Serious Business

South Korean ramyon prices (their pronunciation of what the Japanese and Americans call ramen) are going up for the first time in five years:
"Neoguri Spicy, one of Nongshim’s oldest products, known for thicker noodles, raised its price from 850 won to 900 won, a 5.9 percent hike.
The price of Chapagetti, Nongshim’s version of jajangmyeon, rose from 900 won per pack to 950 won.
Nongshim said the price hikes were inevitable due to the rising cost of human resources, logistics and marketing.
'Since ramen products are closely related to people’s daily lives, we tried to minimize the hikes as much as possible,' said a Nongshim spokesperson."
Is nothing sacred any longer?

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